Re: An ARRL Knowledge Base, and its value to prospective ARRL members

Bernd - KB7AK

I agree as well.


(My local club does something much smaller but similar, when you test with our VE group, you can enroll with the Club with no cost for the first 12 to 18 months, you have access to all Club resources, you just cannot vote)



Bernd – KB7AK


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I agree and think this is long overdue





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I am completely in favor of such a proposal, but have two questions:

  1. How do we identify, and obtain contact information for the new “prospective members”? 
  2. How do we establish the mentor program?  I am willing to become a part of that program and share my knowledge, but obviously this must be place beforehand.


Dale H. Cole K8TS



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From: Dave AA6YQ
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Subject: [New-Hams] An ARRL Knowledge Base, and its value to prospective ARRL members


It's been proposed that the ARRL create and maintain a Knowledge Base that would contain 

  • quality answers to questions posted in its Online ARRL Groups like this one
  • relevant articles and videos submitted by ARRL members
  • hyperlinks to relevant online articles and videos hosted elsewhere
  • relevant content extracted from the archives of ARRL publications

Information in the Knowledge Base would be organized by subject matter, exploiting well-known online knowledge management techniques that optimize for ease of access. The Knowledge Base would likely be hosted in a Wiki or Content Management System. Ideally, readers could optionally subscribe to specific topics, receiving notifications when new articles relevant to those topics were added to the Knowledge Base.


It has further been proposed that every new US Ham be formally considered a prospective member for one or two years after submitting his or her email address to the ARRL. ARRL members and prospective members would have access to the Knowledge Base.


The combination of access to the ARRL's Online Groups and access to its Knowledge Base would for prospective members demonstrate much of the value the ARRL provides to its members, contributing to the ARRL's ability to achieve measurable objectives like these:

  • 80% of new US hams become prospective members
  • 80% of prospective members become full ARRL members for more than one year

A well-organized mentorship program targeting new US hams would also be required to achieve these objectives.


Comments? Better ideas?



               Dave, AA6YQ



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