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Richard AG5M <ag5m@...>

Good advice was given. The best advice I can give is about the same, do what you can with what you have and can afford. I think most of us live with that situation. However, if you do have an interest in HF, don't shy away from a used XCVR. No need to spend $750 and up. There are many very nice reliable rigs made over the past 10 to 20, years. Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood. I am still using my rigs built back in the 1980s, Kenwood TS-130S, TS-140S. They can be had for $300 +/-. Simple radios, no menus to go through, have real knobs and switches. You always take a risk buying from the Internet. I'd only buy from a person I know, or local Ham Club members who can demonstrate the rig to you, and perhaps help you should something not go right. Look around your area, ask Clubs, something will come up. Perhaps even a donation or loner. BTW, I have a Yaesu and Alinco HT, but I always grab my Baofeng UV-5R dual band. Quality wise not up to the big four, but it has never failed me. And if it does, it cost $25 to fix it hihi. Good luck, have fun. I'd love to live on a farm with lots of space. 73, Richard AG5M
On Thursday, January 30, 2020, 7:43:42 AM PST, Paul <lovenhim@...> wrote:

Yes, you are right. I live on a fixed income and simply can not afford HF. I live on a farm with my parents. They are up in age and just can not keep up with the work load. Space is not an issue for a wire HF antenna. My issue is with the transceiver. $750 and up? I can not do it. Yes, you can go used but I am concerned with reliability. What I mean is that if something breaks such as a $2 diode or resistor, I can not see it to fix it. I hope this is not coming off as doom and gloom. LOL I just want to explain my situation. Personally, I have $100 or less invested in my entire ham setup. The rest of it were gifts or free hand me downs. I really would like to experience the difference between a Baofeng and a Kenwood or Icom. I want to understand why a radio from the big three can cost 3x a Chinese radio.

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