Re: Frustrated HF User, Advice Wanted Please

Bernd - KB7AK

Quick correction to those frequencies, they all need to be USB, it is the default for FT8. And the sound is a wobbly tone, in fact in Virginia you should hear many different levels of that wobbly tone.

Bernd - KB7AK

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From a reply above I tried the suggested frequencies. I could here a very faint wobbly sounding tone burst but the noise was much louder than the tone. This is a great learning experience. There is a local club around me but they are not very active. They host one 2 meter net a week. I have asked for help in the local 2 meter net but nothing has come of it. I will keep trying and not give up. Thank you for the help. Being legally blind and living on a fixed income can make this more difficult. However, I still have my working 2 meter radio.


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