Re: Howdy From A Legally Blind Ham

Paul <lovenhim@...>

Yes, you are right. I live on a fixed income and simply can not afford HF. I live on a farm with my parents. They are up in age and just can not keep up with the work load. Space is not an issue for a wire HF antenna. My issue is with the transceiver. $750 and up? I can not do it. Yes, you can go used but I am concerned with reliability. What I mean is that if something breaks such as a $2 diode or resistor, I can not see it to fix it. I hope this is not coming off as doom and gloom. LOL I just want to explain my situation. Personally, I have $100 or less invested in my entire ham setup. The rest of it were gifts or free hand me downs. I really would like to experience the difference between a Baofeng and a Kenwood or Icom. I want to understand why a radio from the big three can cost 3x a Chinese radio.

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