Re: First Base Station Antenna

Doug - AB7DG - Tacoma WA

(1) I suggest including your call sign in your posts, so readers can easily identify your location. Perhaps you're KI5KFA  in Willis, TX.

(2) Unless you're communicating line-of-sight with another HT operator, your 5W HT needs to connect to a higher-power repeater that will repeat your signal to a much greater area, and will relay any responses to you. If you are KI5KFA, then there are 10 FM repeaters near Conroe, TX that you may be able to hit with your HT. Most likely, some of those repeaters will host regularly scheduled nets that you might be welcome to participate in.

(3) I doubt that connecting your HT to a base station antenna would accomplish much. Recognize that on the 2M and 70cm band frequencies, your HT's signal will be severely attenuated by the antenna's feed line unless you have a very short, or very expensive, feed line.  My first, and perfectly adequate, base antenna for my FT-991A (100W) was a $35 J-pole that I bought at a hamfest, but the 50-ft feed line to my rooftop mount was about $100.(Altelix AX600).

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