Re: First Base Station Antenna


Careful what you ask for there, HOA's are not your friend.  I've always gone the forgiveness is easier than permission route.  I have several groundplanes made from mobile whips and from a couple dozen feet a way you can't even see them.  A mobile whip has a pretty small profile and would be easy to mount most anywhere, so that could even be a final solution if that's all you could get away with. The Diamond/Comet colinears are decent antennas though, if you can put one of those on the roof you will be doing pretty well for basic FM simplex and repeater operation.  In terms of coverage (range) height trumps all, so if you have a choice of a "good" antenna mounted low or an "OK" antenna mounted high, take the higher one.

Mark K5LXP
Albuquerque, NM

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