Re: As a New or even Old Timer.... Do you know who your ARRL Section Manger is? Have you ever met them?


W5PDY's activities were well covered in the ARRL Letter, which I'd do a search for but as you mention, the site is down for the upgrade.  I would say what was most notable about him is he was just a plain nice guy, and he would stop and talk to everyone.  As I mentioned above, he was as much an ambassador as a manager.  Given what you describe of your activities you are already far and away more than many SM's I've known over the years.  Often the only time you saw or heard of them was the perfunctory "ARRL forum" at a hamfest, blathering about League business.  It's hard to beat up on any of those in the field organization as it's volunteer, and a huge commitment if you take it seriously.  From my perspective it's more about serving League members for their interests and needs, promoting the hobby, and lastly promoting the League.  In these days of competing hobbies and interests it is an uphill battle to gain attention but it's possible.  I don't think it takes any special activities or methods, once you've licked visibility and accessibility the rest is by the numbers.  Assign your PIO to keep your section website fresh so it becomes a focal point of current events and not a static directory page.  My SM sends out periodic mass emails but I don't think often enough, I'd like to know more about what's going on in the section so maybe you can look at that.  

Mark K5LXP
Albuquerque, NM

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