Re: As a New or even Old Timer.... Do you know who your ARRL Section Manger is? Have you ever met them?


GM, and greetings Steve.

Serving as a local president for two years to an affiliate club, I made sure that an invitation to a club meeting with 45-60 minutes of “floor time” allotted to them. They would be able to field questions and do a presentation of their own. This established two-way communications. One year it was my Section manager, the next was my Division Direction. My family is from Texas (Gorman and Eastland) and I know of the vast wasteland North Texas covers. Club members do not always attend hamfests, but this gave them insights into what was going on. I tried to emphasize the “freebees” that the local club had at their disposal (such as mailing lists). Sounds like you are doing a bang-up job down there.

Dale K8TS


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Thanks for the reply


It appears that I am doing it right, I guess.

Most of the feedback I am getting lacks specifics


I am averaging three club meetings every month

I attend every Hamfest within our Section

and some in our neighboring sections

and at least one National Fest every other year.


ARRL FD I average 12 site visits

which in North Texas demands 18 hours of windshield time

within 24 hours (little or no sleep) and only 30 minutes worth of time at each site


In addition I am doing a virtual Round Table meeting every other month for the Club officers within our Section

as well as a Section Staff meeting

We have a team of 18 assistants and have even dedicated several Section Manager Ambassadors

Our Section is one of the largest geographically speaking, hence the ambassadors are dedicated to areas displaced from the "Metro-Plex"

I have also awarded an ARRL NTX Section Ham of the year every year, since taking office

by asking for nominations from our ARRL members, the nominees are voted on by four members of our Section Management team 

and Only vote in advent of a tie


To my knowledge this Awarding a Ham of The year was not done in our Section since the seventies

until I took office in 2019


This past year The first ever Female from Texas was awarded 

the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Youth Award, she is the the first amateur radio op 

in North Texas to ever receive this award and only the second amateur within our state. (North, South and West Texas)


My current push is on three fronts for this year:

1) Continue recognition of Members

2) Garner at least one national award for another North Texas ARRL Member

3) Help clubs grow the wealth of knowledge they provide members and hence enhance the membership depth in those club's

    by building a Club Prosperity Handbook  Just one specific method is to forgo most of the business part of a General membership meeting
    thru allowing the club BOD to conduct business outside of the general membership meetings.


I exhaust my Section Management budget with the first 9 months

each year and dig into my own finances to do the things for my fellow North Texas members


I am still wanting to perform better

than any other SM, How is the question?


I consider what I am doing, as a minimum standard


I would love specifics on how to do better and looking for examples with specifics, anyone ?????


Mark thanks again for the input !!!





Steven Lott Smith

Tele 318-470-9806
ARRL NTX Section Manager 

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On Tue, Mar 29, 2022 at 7:18 AM <k5lxp@...> wrote:

1. I've known my section manager for about 30 years (long before he was SM).

2. I see him at hamfests and other social events, and talk to him regularly on the radio.


>  I would love to learn how to be the Best SM for my Section

> What makes a good SM?


In my view the "better" SM's (having been a league member ~40 years and have seen my share of them) are the ones that focus less on emcomm and more on connecting League members to League resources, and growing the field organization within the section.  Whether it's a technical problem needing Technical Specialist attention, help getting clubs some program or administrative help, getting folks in touch with League officials regarding operating, legal, membership issues, on and on.  In other words, a liaison between members of the section and the League.  That requires putting yourself out there socially and usually physically, attending as many meetings and events as possible, checking into nets, being active on the air in general, and putting a face to your resources.  If geography limits your availability you can appoint assistant SM's to spread the load.  I have had the privilege of knowing Joe Knight W5PDY, one of the best SM's by any measure for whom the League named their distinguished service award.  A true ambassador for the League and amateur radio.  If you want a role model, you need look no further than his accomplishments.


Mark K5LXP

Albuquerque, NM

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