Re: As a New or even Old Timer.... Do you know who your ARRL Section Manger is? Have you ever met them?


1. I've known my section manager for about 30 years (long before he was SM).
2. I see him at hamfests and other social events, and talk to him regularly on the radio.
>  I would love to learn how to be the Best SM for my Section
> What makes a good SM?
In my view the "better" SM's (having been a league member ~40 years and have seen my share of them) are the ones that focus less on emcomm and more on connecting League members to League resources, and growing the field organization within the section.  Whether it's a technical problem needing Technical Specialist attention, help getting clubs some program or administrative help, getting folks in touch with League officials regarding operating, legal, membership issues, on and on.  In other words, a liaison between members of the section and the League.  That requires putting yourself out there socially and usually physically, attending as many meetings and events as possible, checking into nets, being active on the air in general, and putting a face to your resources.  If geography limits your availability you can appoint assistant SM's to spread the load.  I have had the privilege of knowing Joe Knight W5PDY, one of the best SM's by any measure for whom the League named their distinguished service award.  A true ambassador for the League and amateur radio.  If you want a role model, you need look no further than his accomplishments.
Mark K5LXP
Albuquerque, NM

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