Re: Learning Morse Code Advice Wanted


Not familiar with some of the programs mentioned above, but they sound good.  Start with the straight key.  With that you will learn good character formation.  Trying to get it down at a very slow speed will be very difficult with the paddles.  MFJ makes a code oscillator with a built in key that can be used later.  There are lots of tools out there to use.  CWOps is out standing.  There is also a group from Long Island, but don't remember the full name, maybe some one can fill you in on that.  Academy has three levels.  You will probably need Zoom, although I don't know if level I needs it. Level one will get you started at the slower speeds.  Level II brings your speed up and starts you working on "head copy" which is learning the sounds of words rather than letters.  Level III is building speed.  They will place you in the approximate level level when you apply.  Don't be surprised if there is a waiting list.  You will find that as you approach 20 wpm you will no longer be able to use a straight key and will move to a paddle.  Best of all they require you to practice, practice, practice.  The side tone on the KW will work fine. I have never encountered any issues with Zoom. Working face to face with an instructor is great.   It's free too.  Good luck!  Dale K8TS

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