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Richard KE0YGN

you might have to try a few methods before you find one that works for you..that being said, a friend of mine is using this one and likes it, and since it works for both iphone and ipad and is pretty cheap from the app store, it might be worth a try.

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Hi Paul,

There are several learning programs available on CD/DVD. That may not work because you said you don't have a computer available. Do you have a smart phone? There are quite a few very good programs available on smart phones as well.

Bernd - KB7AK

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Hello everyone. I have been a ham for three years but have only been on HF for a few weeks. My transceiver is a 1980 Kenwood TS120S. I only have SSB and CW in the radio. The unit does not have a keyer so that means using a straight key. I have one ordered from CWMorse. I do not own a computer nor do I have one in the shack. I own an iPhone and iPad. Where do I start learning? I am more interested in doing right compared to fast or a cram type method. I understand that I need to learn to copy code before I ever send it. Where do I start? How do I start? Thank you for the help.


73s..Richard    KE0YGN

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