Re: I Made My First HF Contact Today

Bernd - KB7AK

Well done Paul!

You are doing everything right, listening is key and your best way of learning. I too have a G5RV and I operate from the State of Washington close to the Oregon border, it's amazing what you can do with such a simple antenna. And it will only get better since we reached the bottom of the solar cycle and conditions will improve.

My best advice is to firstly and mostly enjoy the hobby. Get the Extra Class license and explore all the different modes that we use these days.

Bernd - KB7AK

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Hello everyone. I have been licensed for a little over three years now. I have only used Chinese handhelds and a two meter mobile radio as a base station. It took three years the gather all the gear to create a basic station. Today was the final piece of the puzzle. There is nothing fancy in my setup. The Kenwood TS120S is forty years old, the 45 amp power supply is used. The MFJ auto tuner was bought with saved money, and the G5RV antenna was homemade and donated. The antenna is about 25 feet in the air and is as high as I can get it without a fancy air cannon or something. Heck, I broke a fishing pole in half trying to use it to send a fishing weight over a tree. After three years, I am finally on HF. I have 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meters on my radio. I have a General class license to play with. I mainly listened trying to learn. I made two contacts today. One with a person calling CQ on twenty meters from something called Parks On The Air. The other contact was on forty meters with the ham that made the G5RV. What advice, insite, and wisdom would you offer me as a new HF ham?


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