Re: Frustrated HF User, Advice Wanted Please


Thanks.  A close up of the "balun" showing make or models would help determine if this is a balun or an unun.  If it is an unun, one end should go to the wire antenna, the other would normally go to a counterpoise.  

Do you have a forward power/SWR meter?  If so, putting it inline between the tuner and antenna will tell you if you are actually putting power out on the antenna and how bad the antenna might be.  Every ham shack should have a forward power/SWR meter and a dummy load.  Also try dialing up on some of the more constant use frequencies like the Maritime Mobile Service 14.300 MHz or the WWV frequencies to see if you hear anything.  You can always build a jury-rigged antenna using plain old electrical wire and seeing if you can hear anything with it. 

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