Re: An ARRL Knowledge Base, and its value to prospective ARRL members

Nick (N1CCK)

I am new here (and a new ham at that), so take this with that perspective in mind:

As an authoritative body, I would love to see the ARRL supplant YouTube as the de facto standard for learning about ham radio. Not that there isn’t amazing information put together by a few people, but because it is so disparate and fragmented that it can leave a new ham feeling lost. Add in the fact that there can easily be 4 correct (though disagreed on) answers to a simple technician question, and it is a recipe for frustration. 

In my experience, wiki-style or knowledge base pages are relatively simple to create the infrastructure; the content is where things get dicey. I would happily be on board with helping to get it moving; perhaps the overall content could be outlined by a magazine editor familiar with that process, and then various well-known voices could be tapped to write up baseline knowledge base articles? 

Nick (N1CCK)

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