Re: Frustrated HF User, Advice Wanted Please

Paul <lovenhim@...>

Alright lets see here. A ham installed the antenna for me. Long story was the ham that gave me my exam. I have since moved. He drove to my house on the way to a business trip. He provided the antenna, balun, coax....all from years of stuff laying around. The system is setup like this:
Kenwood TS120, coax to mfj auto tuner, coax from auto tuner to the port of the bottom of what I am calling a balun. There are two metal posts on the balun with wingnuts. On one side there is a metal wire (animal electric fence wire) going from one pist of the balun down to an outside water pipe in the ground. On the other wingnut of the balun is the end of the 43 feet long wire antenna. At the end of the antenna is an insulator. At the other end of the insulator is antenna rope which runs to a flag pole. The antenna is about 30 feet in the air. Not sure if the pics help but they are what I could find.

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