Howdy From A Legally Blind Ham

Paul <lovenhim@...>

I consider myself to be a recent ham. While I have had my license for nearly three years now, I simply have not done much with it. I used the HandiHam audio lecture series to study for both my tech and general license. I passed both exams the first time out. I mainly focus on the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands. Why you may ask? Simple answer is money. LOL I was gifted a brand new BTech UV5X3 shortly after I got my license. It is the only handheld I have owned or used. My base station radio in an older used Kenwood TM271A 2 meter mobile. It is hooked up to a Radio Shack power supply. My outside antenna is the Ed Fong DBJ1 antenna. I am far less interested in the newest and latest ham gear. Rather, I am more interested in the how and why of how it all works. I prefer simple/basic over bleeding edge. Welcome to everyone and I hope we all have fun.


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