Re: ODP: [ARRL-LoTW] My submitted files that have been processed by Logbook of the World stays at 2017-10-17

Michael Keane, K1MK

On 10/14/19 2:15 PM, Andy SP9KR ex VA3PL via Groups.Arrl.Org wrote:
Hi Mike
Perhaps you remember VA3PL when I visited K1TTT station and where we operate contests.

Of course I remember Andy, good times.

Please log in to my LOTW account using:
Login: VA3PL

Okay, somewhere along the line a second web account with a login of sp9kr got created. And that's where everything has been going since 2017.

Please get in contact with lotw-help@... (or use the web form at <>) and explain what has happened.

They will be able to merge together both the va3pl and sp9kr accounts into one account

73 & see you down the log,

Mike K1MK

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