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Michael Keane, K1MK

On 9/28/19 6:56 PM, kz4ex.will@... wrote:
Opps! Got in to much of a hurry when merging DXCC account data. Merged
all my new call sign data to my old calls sign account . Needed to do
it the other way around.
  The drop down menu no longer shows my new call sign.  Now how do I
correct it.

After merging you now have a single DXCC award account containing all of
your QSOs/QSLs

To see the correct call in the drop down, select the account, choose
"Modify Account" from the left hand award account menu and then change
the Account Name to reflect to your new call sign.

The Account Name which is shown in the drop down is just a label which
you can edit. Easily correctable mistake

Mike K1MK

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