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Bill Pence

I found this, but have never tried it.

but I highlighted an important detail in yellow...

Download your whole log from LoTW

If you need to download your entire log from LoTW as an emergency backup*, there are at least five options:

  1. Use LoTW’s QSO reports to find out all you can about the missing QSOs and re-enter them manually into your logging program (tedious and error prone unless you are only missing a few QSOs);
  2. Capture (‘screen-scrape’) the text one-screen-at-a-time from LoTW’s reports: this is also tedious and error prone, and is definitely not recommended;
  3. Use the neat online LoTW log download utility by K1MU, without entering any specific QSO criteria;
  4. Use this LoTW query page directly: it starts a full log download (thanks to G4LMW for the tip);
  5. Use the ‘synchronise log with LoTW’ function in logging programs such as AClog (but not Logger32, unfortunately).

* This is a last resort: LoTW only stores the basic, minimal QSO details. Trust me, it is much better to make your own regular off-line and off-site log backups.  Even if you only do a backup once a year, that at least gives you a fighting chance of retrieving your detailed log to a point within the past year, recovering minimal QSO details from then until now.

On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 3:50 PM Joe Stepansky <kq3f@...> wrote:

I may be giving up on my current logging software, as it no longer seems to want to accurately load my current log or any of my backups.


But I have my entire log on LOTW. Is there a way to download my entire log as an ADIF? Not just QSOs that have been QSLed, but ALL 133,000+ QSOs dating back to 1983? I realize I’ll probably have to download it in chunks. Thanks for any help!


73, Joe KQ3F

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