Help needed: info on 7.075-7.100 Mhz segment

Angel Santana WP3GW

Hi all:

One of the interesting things for a US licensed ham living in the Caribbean  specifically in a US territory, is that we can use phone and image privileges between 7.075 and 7.100 Mhz on the 40 meters band. .  Yes! Extra frequencies to talk on 40 meters.

Sure I have used it, for local ragchews and even participated on a morning Venezuelan net on 7.080 Mhz. And on emergencies we can contact other Central and South American stations. Also the K1N operation from Navassa made use of it.

I do know that US stations south of 20° from the Equator on IARU Region 2, and 130° West can be on the segment.

The help I need is the history of how this came about: the proposal, comments and the FCC documents that paved the way for it's approval. I also want a good answer to give if somebody asks, as it happened once on a net a few years ago.

Wait! I do have a lead: searching QST past issues, got to see a note of the proposal of David Novoa, KP4MD (now W4DN) by 1984-85 proposing the segment. Hope this reflector accepts attachments. I contacted him, but he doesn't have anything when he moved to Florida (met him in one of our conventions).

So guys, any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Angel Santana WP3GW 

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