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As announced in October 2019, the ARRL provides online groups where all radio amateurs - ARRL members and non-members alike - can discuss issues and topics in two-way conversation with ARRL leadership. These groups are aimed at enhancing communication among ARRL leadership, staff, members, and prospective members, in a manner that enables timely updates and collegial discussion:

ARRL-Awards - provides a forum for ARRL-Award participants to discuss operational, application, rules and/or obtain administrative help in seeking awards, and provides the opportunity to be able to discuss Award policies, to suggest changes or recommend clarifications, and/or to serve as a collection point for information. 

ARRL-Contesting - fosters discussion of radio contesting, contest operating, and contest rules.

ARRL-IARU - provides a forum for anyone interested in the work of the International Amateur Radio Union. It is open to participants anywhere, whether or not they are members of their IARU member-society. 

ARRL-LoTW- provides a forum for LoTW users to get technical help and as a collection point for tools and information.

You can join an ARRL group by clicking on its hyperlink above and then clicking the blue “Join This Group” button in the lower-left corner of the group’s web page. If this is this first ARRL group you’ve joined, you will be prompted to submit your email address, after which you will receive an email message from “ARRL Groups” seeking confirmation of your request to join. Clicking the Confirm Account link in this message will prompt you to specify a password to be used to access ARRL Groups.

If directing your web browser to an ARRL Group’s web page displays a green
"Log In If You Are Already A Member" button, click it, and when prompted specify your email address and ARRL Groups password. You can log out of ARRL Groups by clicking on your email address, which is displayed in the upper-right corner of the web page.

You can view and post messages via an ARRL Group’s web page, but you may find it more convenient to view and post messages via email. If you click the Subscription link on left side of the web page, the Group’s email address (for posting messages) and email delivery options will be displayed. After making changes, click the blue Save button at the bottom of the web page.

Everyone who subscribes to an ARRL group is also automatically subscribed to the “ARRL Groups” group. This administrative feature will allow ARRL to convey routine announcements relevant to subscribers of all ARRL groups.

Participants in ARRL groups are expected to adhere to some basic ground rules: 

  • All questions are welcome, no matter how many times they have already been asked and answered, or how obvious the answers might be in the documentation. 

  • Neither personal attacks nor foul language will be tolerated. Violators will immediately be placed on “moderated” status, meaning their subsequent posts will require Moderator approval until the Moderator's trust has been regained. 

  • Individuals posting are reminded that these groups are open to everyone, including prospective hams and operators who are not ARRL members but may be thinking about joining. Civility and courtesy are expected, even when you may take issue with a post or thread topic.