School Ham Stations in Maryland (Introducing N8PK)


Hello fellow explorers! 

Technology education and outreach has been a passion of mine for years, as seen in the student interns I have employed and mentored at my workplace, the high-altitude balloon payloads & experiments flown, as a CubeSat satellite bus & ground station technical consultant, as a co-developer of the AMSAT CubeSat Simulator, and from my many technical-fun visits to school locations.

My first question to this group is: does anyone know of or have a list of schools in the state of Maryland that has a secure and active ham radio station on site (or one in development)? 

If so then please advise me soon, with contact info if possible. 

Thank you very much for your support. 

Best 73 de N8PK,

Pat Kilroy
electrical engineer
Greenbelt, Md. 
301-286-1984 work

Sykesville, Md. home