Sticky Re: Welcome: Introduce yourself!


My name is Andrew VA7ASI. I am an elementary teacher grade 4/5 in BC Canada. I became a ham in 2018 after a local emergency wiped out comms in our area. Since then I have become a very active amateur radio operator in my community and have begun to incorporate it into my classroom. I have VHF, UHF, Soon HF, AREDN, and digital mode capabilities in my classroom. Last year was my first year having students participate in the youth on the air month and sadly we were one of only 2 callsigns being used in all of Canada. This year I have more people involved which is great. 

I am really hoping to connect with some other elementary teachers to try and build some connections for our students over RF. Please connect with me if that class might be yours! 

Personally I have a few different interest areas in radio. I suppose much of it is around portable operations. I don't always have the time for POTA but activating from wherever I am is always fun. Digital communications using AREDN has been a fun part of the hobby for me. I am interested in getting into some of the internet based digital vhf modes to connect with other areas. The common thread through every part of the hobby for me is the learning. 

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