Sticky Re: Welcome: Introduce yourself!


Hi Everyone,

I go by bk, originally from Philadelphia, now a Technology teacher in Northern New Jersey. I've been in my current position for the last 4 years and this past year was finally able to really implement some radio curriculum now that we were back in person. We made some morse keys, learned about and made some diy crystal radio receivers, and at the end of the unit we even milled our own PCBs and soldered up some rough crystal receivers! 

I'm currently finishing up my time at the Teachers Institute 1 and will bring back a lot of things(better electronics demos, fox hunting, etc) to my classroom and radio unit. I got my Technicians in 2019, but only used it the first time doing some POTA with other TI's this week, and I just past my General yesterday. I am excited to now build a kit of my own! 

Looking to share/build resources and continue learning, I am probably going to be doing TI2 as soon as I can swing it.


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