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Lisa Cook

I am happy to try and help in any way possible.  I have brought a few things into my classroom and hopefully in the next year or so we can get some students interested in forming a club.

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For those who may not be familiar. From middle to even college, students earn industry certification in various career pathways. For exampl3, Java,Microsoft associate level,cybersecturiry ,Graphic design with Adobe suite and much more. 
These licenses provide funding for the program within that particular school,acceleration  points for the school grade and is a great selling point to parents.  Most of all it makes the student marketable to earn an entry level position or even higher within a company.  
Does anyone know if licenses from ARRL dovetail to our states Industry Certification? 

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That awesome --- and that is my goal for my students


Thanks for sharing


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I am proud that 96 of my students earned 116 licenses including 4 Extra Class.


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I have those plans, and those will serve as starting points for where we want to go. Some of them may need some updating, etc. We are certainly not trying to recreate the wheel, but want to add to them as a means to make it easier for teachers to incorporate radio in their classrooms. I'm sending you an email to discuss further. Thank you for everything you have done for amateur radio!
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