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Steve Wilson

Folks –

I would like to ask a favor; I have written lesson plans before but always felt they could have been better ---so I would like to learn how to write powerful plans for electronics and radio. Please share your ideas and process to write lesson plans.


Appreciate it



Steve Wilson


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Good morning,


My name is Catheline Ahmed.


I am a Computer Science/Technology teacher at iPrep Academy.


I have led the successful expansion of the Technology Department at iPrep. I recently collaborated with Futute Engineers to write lesson plans for NASA. 


I can perhaps help write the lesson plans. 


Thank you,








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I am looking for some folks to contract with who would be willing/able to write lesson plans for wireless technology to be used in schools and other activities. At this time, I simply don't have the bandwidth to write them myself as I had planned. If you know someone, a company, or are willing to work with us on this yourself, please let me know. I would like to get moving on this sooner rather than later. 

Steve Goodgame K5ATA 
Education and Learning Manager
American Radio Relay League

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