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Christopher Williamson

The student's I've dealt with just showed up to the testing site with everything so I never thought about it. However, most if not all were students of families that had hams in it wasn't questioned. 

I do see where it could become problematic. Maybe explain to them that the FCC went to FRN to eliminate the SSN? (I think security was one of the reasons?). You are basically taking a government record (SSN) from one government agency to the other and if done correctly, no one but the government will actually see the SSN? Then you can argue the USPS and FCC are independent agencies...whatever that has come up a few times (hey...I teach the G/T kids so we wind up waaaaaaay off track sometimes...)

On Sun, Jan 30, 2022 at 2:11 PM Clint Bradford <k6lcs@...> wrote:
And I thought “HOA antenna restrictions” was amateur radio’s biggest public 
relations obstacle … Now we have "obstinate or paranoid parents" of kids who 
want to learn science …

And so it goes.

Clint K6LCS

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