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Dear Crowb and all, 

Well, what parents say is the rule to me.  

So I’d suggest to invite the parent(s) to one (or more!)  of your club meetings and to your Tech license study sessions.  

I would hope they will see what a great benefit their son or daughter will possess with an Amateur Radio license and an internationally unique callsign.  

Involvement is the key.  They don’t seem to understand without some most involvement.  

But that’s just my 2¢ for today.  


In Maryland (FM19) 

On Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 1:40 PM <crowb@...> wrote:
Is anyone having problems with parents not allowing their kids to get FRN's?  I send home an information sheet with how to do it and why it's needed.  This semester, so far, I've had 2 students that told me their parents would not allow them to get the FRN, even if it means not getting their license.  Any ideas?

Pat Kilroy 1

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