Sticky Welcome: Introduce yourself!

Steve Goodgame K5ATA

Welcome everyone to our new ARRL Education and Learning group! This group was created for you as a place to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss best practices regarding ways to implement amateur radio and wireless technology into classrooms. To help create a sense of community, lets use this thread as an introduction thread.  I'll start.

My name is Steve Goodgame, I am the new Education and Learning Manager at ARRL. I started this position in September. I taught in Texas and Mississippi for a combined total of 21 years, several of which I had the opportunity to teach amateur radio to my students, who I called my Padawans.  I am passionate about getting youth into this great hobby.  My favorite ham radio activity is activating parks for POTA with my daughter, Jherica (KI5HTA) and my wife, Cyndi (K5CYN)

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