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Kevin Reeve

Hello - Kevin N7RXE from Logan Utah.

My day job is at the University in IT stuff, and I love getting youth excited about amateur radio, space, STEM.  Our club is going to be hosting two 8 week hands-on space science with amateur radio workshops that will lead up to launching a high altitude balloon.  Our first one is targeting girls ages 11 - 17 and will start in March with a launch in May.  Amateur Radio is a big part of our hands on workshop.  Will include on air activities. working satellites. soldering, building LoRa receivers etc. 

I am currently serving as the ARRL Utah Section Youth coordinator and working on baby step-1 to encourage clubs  to plan at least one activity around youth in 2022.

Besides amateur radio, my other hobbies include RGB pixels synced to music outside of the house for halloween and Christmas light displays.  
Look forward to learning from all of you.  

Kevin N7RXE - Logan UT

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