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Steve Goodgame K5ATA

One of the goals of this group is to create a resource for teachers to be able to post and find lesson plans/lesson ideas for individual standards. I will be posting a standard each week, in the hopes that people can create/post lesson plans or ideas that help to address the standard.

We all know that teachers have to post lesson plans for administrators to see/approve. This is one hurdle that I think we can help overcome as a group.  Eventually, I will take these and create a sort of repository that is searchable.

I will start out with the ISTE standards, then will move onto other standards such as the NGSS, etc. In order to keep things organized, I ask that you please post your ideas as a message in each topic. For example, if there is a topic labeled ISTE 1.1, post your lesson ideas under that topic. If you have lesson ideas for other standards, please create the topic with a sort of standardized look, such as ISTE 1.1, NGSS MS-PS3-1, etc.

Also, we know that teachers connect learning across multiple disciplines. We also know that principals like it when a lesson hits multiple standards. If a lesson/idea you post meaningfully hits multiple standards, it would be great if you could include those standards in the description. 

Let's all help each other out here, and make it easier to include amateur radio in schools!  Links to the standards will be placed below, and updated regularly as this group grows.

NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards):

Steve Goodgame K5ATA
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