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Carl K9ZA

Happy New Year to all.  First licensed in 1971 as WN9JWC while in the Belleville West Amateur Radio Club.  Retired school teacher, principal, and superintendent.  While teaching formed a radio club at a junior high school and helped approximately a dozen kids obtain their Novice license.  Only one upgraded and none of them are currently active, but several did go on into the electronics or radio related careers.  Served as an ARRL Educational Advisor while Illinois was adopting learning standards and aligned related standards to amateur radio related activities.  When doing Graduate Studies became inactive in the League activities.

Now retired, while still doing a small amount of substitute teaching.  Also drive a motorcoach part time.  Enjoy DXing, Field Day, and want to get back involved with CW Sweepstakes.  Have organized the Belleville West Alumni Amateur Radio Club and hope to do some on-campus displays and generate interest in a club there again.

73, Carl

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