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William Hunt

Good Day!

Sure, it sounds very interesting.  I have taught Digital Electronics, Robotics, programming and other technical classes here at Vista Ridge High School in District 49, CO.

I would be happy to introduce the topic to my students in January.  If we have interest, we will start a club.

Thank you.
Bill Hunt
Information Technology
Vista Ridge High School
6888 Black Forest Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

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My name is Billy Crow, K5LUO.  I am a teacher at Tecumseh High School, Oklahoma.  I teach Basic Electronics and Amateur Radio.  I started the program in 2019 after talking with the school superintendent about introducing students to basic electronics/amateur radio.  I gave a demonstration to him and the principles, of amateur radio.  They were all amazed and the program started in January 2020.  Covid hit, and really put a damper on things but I continued teaching on the internet.  I applied for a contact with the International Space Station through ARISS and was approved for a contact in December of 2020.  We began working on a future contact, in late spring through the fall of 2020.  That was an experience to say the least!  We were set up for a contact for December 4, 2020.  By then, our school was back in temporary session for in person and internet teaching.   We were worried that we might not be able to do it.  However, our superintendent was very supportive of this once in a life time event.  We proceeded on.  On December 4, 2020, at approximately 11:30 am CST, our dreams and goal were reached.  We made contact with NA1SS with Astronaut and Dr. Shannon Walker.   Everything and students performed above and beyond what was expected!  Our students, school faculty and parents were so excited, even to the point of tears of joy.  What a great time!  Here is the web address of the contact
I received a grant from ARRL for books and 2 radios.  A local club, Pottawatomie County Amateur Radio Club, has helped tremendously with teaching and equipment.  We were able to put up a 50' tower, with a DMR repeater (Oklahoma Central Talkgroup).  The club donated several radios and other equipment from SK's and others.  The school has supported me in this adventure 100%.  
Some of the things I am teaching.......soldering, Arduino experiments, building antennas, basic electronics and numerous other amateur radio related topics.  We are in the process of forming the Tecumseh High School Amateur Radio Club.  Our callsign is K5THS.

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