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Tom Schaefer NY4I

They do accept Cabrillo files instead of a dupe sheet—plus the summary.  Now that I have learned they do no log checking, I have no idea why they require either.

Tom NY4I 

On Nov 11, 2019, at 11:52 AM, Jack Schuster <w1wef3@...> wrote:

Hi John. I always knew that logs were not checked  and never considered it a  contest but always enjoyed wowing the non contesters showing them how a contester racks up Qs vs the non contester!   hi  I was a member of Ct Wireless Assn back in the day, and did FD with that club which included George Hart who always said it wasn't a contest, but we sure treated it like one!  ( I think George may have been the guy who invented FD).   In 2018 however  I volunteered to submit the log for the club I was with because the usual guy who loves N3FJP and was more familiar with it wasn't there.  I never got so much BS from the league over submission, to the point where our  score wasn't published because I couldn't prove that we checked dupes. It would be easier if they required a Cabrillo file like contests. 73   JACK  W1WEF

On Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 10:15 AM John K3TN via Groups.Arrl.Org <> wrote:
I did an article for NCJ, I think in 1990, called "The Joy of Field Day" and felt back then it was an operating event, not a contest. If you get a bunch of contesters together, anything can be a contest - but I think the majority of FD groups have a minority of ops being contesters.

One way you can tell that the League does not consider it a contest is the fact that QST still prints the full line scores!

73 John K3TN

73 John K3TN

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