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Chuck Williams

Yes... before this thread becomes an entire cotton Tee shirt, I stand corrected on my previous comment.Wyoming is not a "Mult" during Field Day. I was simply confused after responding to a shoe box full of "snail mail" QSL cards that invariably always begin with the comment... "Thanks for the Wyoming contact...."
I have always enjoyed Field Day, while operating from a leaky tent, or from the warm comfort of my home QTH.. however we elect to define it.
N7MZW  Chuck  Cheyenne, Wyoming 

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019, 3:21 PM Tom Taormina <tom@...> wrote:

In summation, and hoping this thread dies, FD has different meanings for each ham and it likely has something for everyone.


Keep and open mind. In 2006, we entered 4E with natural power, running the stations on a biodiesel generator!


Tom Taormina, K5RC




The Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN


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I don’t remember when logs didn’t have to be submitted.  I remember laboring over dupe checking our logs before submitting them.



Pete, W1RM



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FD has power multipiers and bonus point categories but sections/states are not mults.  Nor are actual logs submitted, so there is no adjudication [log checking].  Different folks view FD differently.  If you keep score, some say it's automatically a contest.  The one thing FD definitely provides is a chance to experience HF, CW, and SSB for clubs/hams that are mainly shack-on-the-belt oriented.  It's also been the spark for a great number of young folk over the years, which is good, so whether or not it is a contest is somewhat of an empty argument.

Fred ["Skip"] K6DGW
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Washoe County

On 11/8/2019 12:24 PM, Chuck Williams wrote:

Oh yes... The "Not a Contest- Exercise" (read contest-Hi-Hi), that keeps every non-WARC HF Band FILLED with wall to wall contacts around the clock,and lets me make several hundred other hams happy evry "last weekend in June, because I'm in the (dare I say it...) RARE MULT" of Wyoming.  After several hours of hand writing my non LOTW QSL requests following Field Day,...believe me when I say that it sure feels like a contest! "If it walks like a Duck..."



Chuck Williams

Cheyenne, WY.



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