Re: Field Day log checking

Tom Schaefer NY4I

I’ll end my part here. I have always participated with groups that enjoyed the competitiveness of it but also had no issue stopping to let new people take all the time they need on the stations (without relegating them to the GOTA staton so we could keep our rate up). The non-competition part of Field Day is paramount to me but it introduces people to this style of operating and they may later participate in other “official” contests.

My point was that for those that would go with only their best operators and shun slowing down for new people (or not spending time to introduce the public to ham radio), they are adding a level of competitiveness to it that I now see is NOT warranted. If the logs are not checked, then the scores are simply by one’s honor. We know that does not work well in contests (sadly). So, Field Day lets us be competitive, social and mentoring but being concerned about ones score as compared to any other station in the section, state, division is quite pointless. Hence my point that having a Top Ten score list is nonsensical.

The post I agree with the most is Pete W1RM’s opinion, “When did FD stop being a “contest”? I suspect it has everything to do with ARRL HQ resources to treat it as such and there isn’t enough to go around.” Running log checking like a real contest perhaps would require more resources than the league wants to dedicate to it. Certainly its right but perhaps a disclaimer on the scores that the printed totals are not log checked would be good.

Thanks for the lively discussion and I hope to see you soon in a non-contest at the end of January and June.


Tom Schaefer, NY4I
Madeira Beach, FL (Grid: EL87ot)

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