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Gary Hinson

How come ARRL FD has to be EITHER an emergency exercise OR a contest?  It’s not a binary choice!


Some people and clubs enjoy the competitive aspect, aiming for a podium finish.  Some enjoy a day out in the country.  Some are happy to dust off the genny, check the tent for mouse holes, cook up bacon sarnies and sip a small glass of sherry.  Some go along to participate in club activities, or “help out”, or find out what this contesting lark is all about.  Some take the opportunity to catch up with pals.  Some need the practice (as we’ve probably all heard!) and others are happy to teach.  Some relish the chance to show off and test their latest construction effort, or try out a new antenna configuration, or discover what the bands used to sound like before a gazillion switchmode nasties invaded the planet.  Some do it because they’ve always done it, enjoyed themselves doing it for years, and wouldn’t countenance not doing it.  Some get dragged along, strong-armed to participate as the club’s only half-decent CW op, or the only one with a portable barbie.  Some do the dragging, and hope to infect others with the FD bug, or find/make new contesters.  Some just love planning and organizing things, like a military operation.  Some like to be led.  Some want to demonstrate how to start a fire with a flint, or put up a makeshift bivouac with nothing more than a length of RG58 and a few pine branches, or hold off a pack of wolves by whistling CQ.


It's all of the above, and more.


Some of us enjoy FD because we’ve done some of that, and just love telling stories around the camp fire.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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TDXS was all-in with FD for many years. Multiple towers, fierce competition for operating time, but also the training ground for the up-and-coming contesters.


Tom Taormina, K5RC




The Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN


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I’m from the old school.  Field Day was and always will be a contest, but of a different sort.  It isn’t SS or CQWW but it isn’t SET either.  SET is a communications exercise to demonstrate emergency preparedness.


Back in the day, I was a member of the Connecticut Wireless Association (CWA).  Many of the members were ARRL HQ staffers including W1BDI, W1NJM, W1ECH, W1XX, W1JMY and others (oh, W1BGD in those days).  In those days (1960-1975), FD was a competition.


CWA took FD as a very serious contesting effort.  We planned much of the year for it.  One member, W2ADE, invented the octopus which allowed multiple rigs on the air but preventing simultaneous transmission so we had 9 radios with 3 in a “pod” so we were legit 3A.


We were consistently in the top 5 3A if not number 1 nationally.


Fast forward to today.  When did FD stop being a “contest”?  I suspect it has everything to do with ARRL HQ resources to treat it as such and there isn’t enough to go around.



Pete, W1RM



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It is not a contest, but it is how many of us got our start in contesting. Someone took me to Field Day 1958 and I was hooked


Tom Taormina, K5RC




The Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN


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Hello Tom,


Thanks for asking.


Field Day is not a contest (it’s a communications exercise), and as such it is not adjudicated (so there is no log checking).


I’ll email you separately regarding the scoring.



Thanks for participating!




Bart Jahnke, W9JJ

Radiosport and Field Services Manager


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Reading the 2019 Field Day results, something just occurred to me. The QSOs we submitted were 1078. In the listing for W4TA (3A), I see 1078 listed in the QSOs column. While I would hope we were that accurate, that is just not likely at all.

Is the number in the results the submitted number of QSOs or the corrected number after log checking? Is a Log Checking Report possible for Field Day? 

Our score is 200 less than I expected but since it is exactly 200 less, that seems more likely a bonus point issue than any score reductions. It would be nice to know what bonus points were disallowed or what led to the score reduction so if I made an error, I do not repeat it again.

I ask as if the QSOs counts are not log checked, that sort of negates any reason to print a top ten score box (page one of the article). If this is not checked like a contest (since this is most definitely, 100% not a contest), why do we put the Top 10 score.

And for those just waiting to pounce...sure, Field Day is not a contest, OK. But we do have points and all so I am curious about the listing.


Tom NY4I

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