Re: 10M contest scoring anomaly???

Gary Hinson

One cause of dupes is busted calls e.g. if someone QSOs and logs me first as ZM4Z, then later calls me as ZM4G, I will normally complete and log the second QSO as well, even though it is a dupe, since the first may have been incomplete.   I just I hope the contest log checking software is clever enough to figure out that we eventually completed a scoring QSO, and the first should be discounted.


Dupes may be ignored but busted calls can result in penalties.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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First of all you're not penalized for dupes so they didn't affect your score. If you believe your log was incorrectly scored, you should contact the contest branch manager at contests@....


73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn@...)


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Hi all,


I have just downloaded my LCR for the 2019 10M contest.  I was quite surprised to see that I had 7 dupes and otherwise a golden log.  My software prevents me from having dupes, and my Cabrillo file shows no dupes.  I have a feeling that the scoring software may have a problem and that this is some kind of an anomaly.  I did have six Q’s with hams on both CW and Phone, but not 7, so this does not appear to be the cause of this apparent scoring issue.


Have any of you noticed a similar issue with your log and LCR?   If this is the case, then the QST write-up in the July issue is incorrect, unfortunately.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ




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