Proposal for 2020 ARRL FD Rules Change- Adding 2 new catergories

Anthony Luscre

Classes V & X for ARRL FD

I propose that the ARRL add two new categories to FD for this year.

  1. Class V- 

    1. A club with 3 or members

    2. Would use one callsign as chosen by group (either a club callsign or callsign of one of participating stations) for all stations

    3. Operating from multiple home or portable stations all located within a 50-mile circle.

    4. All station would be required to use emergency power

    5. Only one signal at a time on any one band/mode combination i.e. 40M CW, 80M PH, 40 DIGI, etc.

    6. Maximum stations on at the same time would give number i.e. 5V, 2V, etc.

    7. Power multiplier would be based on the highest power used by any station during the FD period

    8. No duplicate contact on same band/mode even if made by a station at a different home location

    9. Computer access via conventional power, internet services are allowed for purposes of networking and/or coordinating station operations

    10. Possible extra bonus points

      1. 100 point bonus for utilizing VHF/UHF to maintain interstation communication net

      2. 100 point bonus for utilizing Non-commercial Internet connections between two or more station locations utilizing ham radio frequency-based only systems such as Mesh, ARDEN, etc. 

  2. Class X

    1. Same as Class V except stations may utilize non-emergency power sources

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