Missing Confirmation: UPDATE



Many may/may not remember the email I sent out (listed below). As an update; I have talked to Sharon Taratula at HQ (thanks Wayne Mills for referring her to me). I made a conclusion that was in error, and Ms. Taratula got me corrected. My conclusion was based on the presumption that a card had to be submitted and be re-checked each time it was re-used for a new endorsement, which Ms. Taratula kindly explained that was not true. She explained how to put in the comments section the reference to that card, and how it would get handled by the Awards Department.


Kudo’s to Ms. Taratula, for getting me straightened out. Thank you Mr. Williams for replying with your concern. All is good now.

Dale K8TS


“ When I submitted my 160 WAS award, one state was missing: Hawaii

I submitted the QSL card to my card checker and it was approved and I now have Hawaii and my 160 meter WAS award certificate.

I now notice that for 160 *CW *I only need Hawaii again. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO HAVE THIS CARD CHECKED FOR (AND PAID FOR) TO GET CREDIT!

I checked the award application for the CW only award and again it says I am still missing it.

I have submitted it for DXCC and paid for it…

I have submitted it for 160 WAS and paid for it…

Now I have to submit it for 160 CW endorsement again? And pay again?

All the same card….

WTF? Why does it not get added to my accounts!!!

It appears ARRL wants to make this a cash cow (personal opinion)

Dale Cole K8TS”



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