Re: Proposed Changes to DXCC for Remote Stations - Charge to DXAC

Lou Laderman - W0FK

I was addressing this message Ria, not the 50 mile limit one. Sorry I should have quoted it. 

73, Lou W0FK 


Current rule: Add to your DXCC totals from anywhere within the DXCC
entity. So you can work from Maine, and work DX that is favorable out
East and then log in to a station in Western Washington or Oregon, and
then work DX that is favorable on the other coast.

Proposed rule:

Pick one of:
Work all DX from stations within a 200km circle from your station
address as registered with the FCC
Work all DX from within a 200km circle anywhere within the DXCC entity

Designate one additional location to work DX from and have it count for DXCC.

That is the summary.

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