Re: Proposed Changes to DXCC for Remote Stations - Charge to DXAC

Hans Brakob

AA6YQ nailed it.


Simple solution which preserves the valid and legitimate interests of the conservatives and purists, yet doesn’t impose arbitrary restrictions on others.


73, de Hans, KØHB

“Just a Boy and his Radio”™



From: Ria, N2RJ


AA6YQ's suggestion was:


Keep the rules as-is




Offer a "single location endorsement" that says that you worked all DX

from one small circle. This would be similar to WAS where all contacts

have to be made from a circle of a maximum of 50 miles in diameter.


This is just an endorsement and does not affect the existing or any

future DXCC awards. It is completely optional.


73, de Hans, K0HB
"Just a Boy and His Radio"™

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