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Jamie WW3S

I’d love to have one of the qsls from when I was 14, but dad tossed them all out along with my baseball cards ( including an autographed Clemente card).....KZ5FBN would give me one more deleted remote involved, just an old Millen 90801 and Radio Shack DX150a and   a 40m dipole, that when I operated on 15 got my the WANTV award.....

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That is not my position.  Please let me know where I said a young person should have no voice.  Counter to that I can show you where I encouraged it.


Come on.


Another counter to your statement is that Since most of us were young ( I was 13 when I became addicted).  I have both been young and old in this hobby.  A perspective impossible to achieve for a teen is that of a grown or “old” person.  We understand being young.  We were once.


And old axiom:  “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”




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Val, saying that youth should not have a voice because we are somehow not as experienced as an old dinosaur is not going to gain our support or the support of others.I propose that since youth are the future of the hobby not 80 year old men, that WE are the voice and should have the say. maybe due to your age and that of the others in this thread you do not understand what us youths do these days.

And we do not pay for our remotes because we are youths and people understand we do not have social security and retirement to pay for our stations.
Thank you

Connor W4IPC - Youth


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