Re: Proposed Changes to DXCC for Remote Stations - Charge to DXAC

Tony KX1G <tony.dicenzo@...>

Why in the world does the use of remote technology need to be used within the borders of an entity in which you have a station?

Lets take a hypothetical that seems pretty realistic.

A member of the US ARMED SERVICES has a stationat his home in Nebraska (middle of the county).  On deployment half way around the world he/she wants to remote into that station to work some badly needed countrys needed for ATNOs.

The transmitter is where it has always been. It is not 1 meter from it's original location, never mind outside some 200km  circle.  Only he/she is listening (and controlling it) from 14,000 miles away.  But this persons transmitter is exactly where it has been in relation to working DX. His signal is subject to the vagurities of propagation.

I fail to understand why these proposed limitations. I won't even refer to them as receiver limitations. They are control limitations. But the exact same case and arguments apply.

Remote operation of a FIXED station is a reality. It violates NONE of the key DXCC principles. There should be no distance limitations on remote operation (received and control).

Tony KX1G

THere are many such case studies.

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