Re: Proposed Changes to DXCC for Remote Stations - Charge to DXAC


DXCC is incredibly easy to get in a DX contest these days.  It is award  to work and confirm 100 countries.  Why should it be hard or easy.  It is an award that is earned.  How you do it is your choice.  You can make is hard or easy or any way you like.  If you want to make it hard then use QRP or compromised antennas etc.

Why are so many people concerned about the way I want to get my award?  What does it matter if I have access to stations all over the US?  Are you mad that you do not? 

You can get your DXCC the way you want and let me get mine the way I want.  There is no million dollar prize for working the all and if you do it before me, great.    Not everyone has the same amount of time to dedicate to the hobby.  Why anyone, especially an ARRL board member, would want to limit how people play radio and might explain the continue decline in membership. 

Maybe there is room for a new organization that embraces change, younger people, new technologies, etc and is mired in 100 years of muck.

Someones have created a problem when none exists or they have a vendetta against a particular group of hams. 

DXCC is a individual award.  leave it alone!  You play your way and I will play mine and what I do is none of your business frankly.  But out!


On 8/10/2020 7:56 AM, n5qs wrote:

I have been monitoring this thread and it seems to be becoming a group against group.
My opinion (not worth much)
The rules need to address transmitter and receiver location.
Location of control operator is not relevant in any respect.
Remote operation should not be addressed because where the operator has no effect on the location of the station.
The rules should not be lowered to allow DXCC to be easy just so the people who want to acquire it in a weekend
and get instant gratification can do so.
It is the premier award of DXing and should remain difficult.
When I got my original DXCC it took years not weeks but we have added DX clusters and digital modes that make it much easier now
and I have no problem with that, it is just progress.
We need to stop arguing about the irrelevant (remote operating) and concentrate on things that matter.
Anything not above water at high tide and anywhere that amateur radio is illegal should not be on the DXCC list.
They make it not difficult but absolutely impossible to obtain #1 honor roll for new operators.
These are the kind of changes that really matter.

Roger, N5QS

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