Re: Proposed Changes to DXCC for Remote Stations - Charge to DXAC



Just because you have a fantastic station accessible over the internet does not mean it doesn’t have its challenges. At least in the RHR youth program we generally have a 5 hour a month limit(paying members just have to pay by the minute for whatever time they use). Another challenge of operating remote is that the internet can be slow. There is very often lag between when I press the PTT and when it actually starts transmitting especially when there are 3 other people in my house using the internet. RX audio is also not always stable which means I can miss callsigns and such. 

We as a hobby need to embrace new ways to operate and get on the air. That is how we grow and preserve the hobby. A few weeks ago, you put a thread on Twitter about what is wrong with ham radio. This is it, not embracing new technologies and the politics in its organizations leading to new and young hams being pushed out because there style of ham radio is not what everyone else grew up with in the hobby.

Sam Reynolds, N7PSR

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