Re: Proposed Changes to DXCC for Remote Stations - Charge to DXAC

Steven Rutledge <steven.t.rutledge@...>

Possibly this was chosen due to existing 200km limitation for VUCC ops????  Don't know for sure though Lou.

Steve, N4JQQ, DXAC, Delta

On 8/8/2020 2:40 PM, Lou Laderman W0FK wrote:

I ran some 200km circles around major population centers in the US through Google Maps. A 200km limitation is very restrictive. Imagine belonging to a club that has set up several member-accessed remote sites across the broad geographic area in which its members live.  You could only use one per year for DXCC credit purposes. Plus remote site land gets pricey the closer you are to a metropolitan area.

73, Lou W0FK


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