Re: Proposed Changes to DXCC for Remote Stations - Charge to DXAC

Steven Rutledge <steven.t.rutledge@...>

Jack, thank you for your response.  You are right, the proposal allows the selection of one RHR once a year.  What I said is the proposal doesn't stop someone from using an RHR to obtain DXCC entities which is what several ops have posted on here.  I don't want to get in a personal debate with you, I was just pointing this fact out to the audience as a whole.  I realize that if we go head to head, based on my experience with own son, I'll look bad.  :)))

Kind regards and 73,

Steve, N4JQQ, DXAC, Delta

On 8/8/2020 12:30 PM, Jack Roberts - KD9OPV wrote:

Ria N2RJ,

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to do by claiming that we’re brigading this group. I know for a fact that none of us were told to come here and post, the link to this group was posted in our discord and we came here on our own accord to voice our opinions about this proposal. It’s incredibly unprofessional to claim that our do not make an accurate response because we’re a part of RHR. 

As for N4JQQ, the proposal literally makes it so that you cannot use more than one RHR station to earn a DXCC, so your message is false. Please reread the proposal so that we can have a meaningful discussion without anyone’s feelings getting hurt. 

Jack, KD9OPV

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