Re: Proposed Changes to DXCC for Remote Stations - Charge to DXAC

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

Not wanting to start again is not at issue.  What is at issue is at what point a move represents a sigificant change in propagation. 

I don't pretend to have all the answers, but Americans, Canadians, Russians, Chinese, Brazilians, Argentines, Chileans, Australians and Indonesians (among others) have the advantage of extreme relocation while being in the same DXCC entity.  It just doesn't seem reasonable that a U.S. Amateur can go from Seattle to Key West and a Burmudan Amateur can't go to North Carolina in pursuit of adding DXCC entities (We are not going to debate what that means.). 

There are lots of inconsistencies in the DXCC program, but it is what it is.  What I have learned is that there is dubious consistency unless an operator sets the parameters for themselves.  Fundamentally, I would prefer Maidenhead Grid Square counts worked from a single grid square, but that is not the DXCC program.  It is what it is.  I've worked DXCC over the years and really don't care to pursue it until I move to Florida and have time to set up to do it properly from a single area. 

All I can say is that if you want to continue your count from a new location, more power to you, but that is qualitatively diluted when compared to a DXCC earned from one area.  These are driven by operator choice and the rules allow it.  That is very different than the comparison of a DXCC earned in Rhode Island vs. Nevada.  While the Nevada station may have different and more challenges that are driven by geography, the Rhode Island station may have to deal with higher levels of noise depending on the band.  Things tend to balance out, maybe not perfectly, but well enough to provide credibility to the DXCC program.

One last question:  So while you might not want to start over, wouldn't this be an ideal opportunity for you to operate more and to accumulate DXCC entities anew?  Think of this as an opportunity for rediscovery and rebirth.  While doing that,  you can still use a remote to augment your legacy tally.  The combination could mean more activity, not less.

Sounds like you could have a lot of fun either, or both ways.  We just need a mechanism to track and credit by station location or area.

Have some fun with this and consider the possibilities!

BTW:  As I anticipate a move from New Jersey to Florida, I will be starting over on VUCC for a bunch of bands.  While I am at it, I will restart my DXCC, WAZ and WAS counts.  If I travel back north or use a remote station, then I will add that to my legacy tallies.

Vy 73,
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 3:24 PM -0400, "bmanning" <bmanning@...> wrote:

Okay but I don't want to use a remote site. If I moved 1000 miles away and I built a new station, would I need to start over again? As the rules are now, no but if the rules change then what? The thought of starting over is not one I want.

Bruce NJ3K 

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Bruce,  NJ3K,
As W0MU noted, you could use a remote in an area that is reasonably close to your former residence. 
I still like the 500 mile circle.
So even if you retired to the UK for all those NHS benefits, you could still operate from your current region from an RF perspective.
Vy 73,
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 2:47 PM -0400, "W0MU" <w0mu@...> wrote:

Remotes are allowing those in nursing homes or retirement homes the opportunity to play radio and takes up no more space than an Ipad or computer!  This is a great and wonderful thing. 


On 8/7/2020 12:29 PM, bmanning wrote:

I have been working DX for 40+ years. What if life circumstances caused me to move 1000 miles away from my home. Do I need to start over? As the rules are now, no, but if the rules are changed then what?

Bruce NJ3K

On Fri, 7 Aug 2020 18:07:08 +0000 (UTC), w2ttt <w2ttt@...> wrote:

I don't think folks should do that either.
Pick an area for your efforts and then operate and improve your skills.  Want to try it somewhere else, great, two different DXCCs.  NP.  Each has value, but they should not be mixed.  As I noted in another comment:  Compare the optjons of a US Ham in Miami vs. one in Bermuda.  Pick a spot, a  physical spot.  I don't care where you live, but I care where your radio and antenna are.
I've evolved that far, but now we have guys traveling physically and virtually across broad areas to gain an advantage that dillutes the integrity of the programs because they change their location and mix the contacts from different station localities.   We have even seen cases where the operator used two different stations, very widely separated beyond reasonable limits to receive the DX that was uncopyable at the transmitting station.  That makes no sense.
Again, pick a spot, operate, compete, grow and enjoy!
If the ARRL or other groups need to evolve their awards prorgrams, then they should treat it as a business opportunity to certify multiple DXCCs for a given operator's chosen locations.  Very cool to have an East Coast, West Coast and a Gulf Coast DXCC!  How about one from 8P6, too?  If there are remote stations that an operator can call "home" even if one of many, that is VERY COOL!
Separately, for some contests, remote stations should be in their own class, much like Multi-Multi, Multi-Single, Single, Rover, Portable, etc. are now.  It.would depend.on the contest.
Vy 73,
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 1:39 PM -0400, "Jack Roberts - KD9OPV" <kd9opv@...> wrote:

Now just pick one station or compact circle of stations for your awards and call that "home" for the purpose of awards.  That is exciting and reasonable and maintains the integrity of the awards program.

You see, that would be fine but very frequently my 'favorite' station is unavailable because someone else is using it. This makes it so that I have to chose a different station in a different location. Picking one station or a compact circle is practically impossible with services with RHR. In theory, your solution would work, but in practice, it just won't work

73, KD9OPV

Bruce A. Manning

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