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Strong efforts into things that have not worked.  Has the board reached out to those wishing to stream, younger hams and asked what they would like to see.  Why is the ARRL not leading the pack when it comes to youth ham radio.  Why is another entity leading the pack and offering young hams the availability to stations that they would not have access too.  Why is W1AW locked down even to member?  Why does the ARRL not build and allow the members access to a remote station or even create a youth organized station for their use.

Strong efforts into the wrong places will not work.  There is quite a long history of declining membership lately.

I have heard good things about the new magazine alternative to QST but I have not seen it.  I suppose I could go online to read it.  Why not send them both out to hams in the hopes that some of them will be given to people that will pick up the hobby?  Why did they not send out a copy to everyone to show off the works?    Does the ARRL send this new magazine to clubs? or their VE's to hand out? 

My son has been licensed for nearly 15 years already.  He is 25.  He has little interest in the hobby as it stands.  He also has zero time as he is running his own business and has a personal life that happens at that age.  There has been very little change in the ARRL since he has been licensed.  When he hears about the push back to streaming and live streams he gets turned off.  This is their life!  He understands he may never own a piece of land that might allow him a station like I have.  He understands that remote radio is the future, yet when he hears about the push back is is turned off. 

If we want our hobby to survive and continue we cannot continue down the paths that are not working.  We need to listen to THEM and start to understand what excites and interests THEM.

If you want to see some excitement from young hams check out what the RHR guys and W2RE are doing for THEM.  They created their own contest, have their own slack channel, they want to livestream and while they have access to remotes stations many of them are trying to build their own shacks!  It works!  What they are doing is working and inspiring a new generation of hams!

Instead of what the RHR is doing we have Directors making false statements about the DXAC and trying to take the ARRL Back to the age of the dinosaurs with proposals that limit participation in programs instead of embracing new technologies that would open their programs to more people.

Is ARRL the solution or the problem................


On 8/6/2020 9:41 AM, Murray Green via wrote:

The reality is that the younger generation is simply not accepting Amateur Radio sufficiently enough to lower the average Amateur age and provide a future for the amateur community. The League, out of political necessity, has attempted to turn it around bur it is not happening despite a strong effort to do so. It is failing and I do not have any ready answers...As a result the entire face of Amateur Radio will eventually change. A 1% growth year after year cannot be sustained and the monthly list of silent keys continues. The latter will not stop; the former will. 

Perhaps we are too close to the problem. The answers are out there; it will take greater minds to find them......

73 Murray, K3BEQ


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Some have hit on the "problem to be solved"

Next time, on zoom or when in person (remmber those tomes? :):). ). look around the room.
I am willing to bet the average age of a DX club (or general club) is north of 75 years old.
If we all don't start to open up and attract younger DX'ers, I give the DX program maybe 10 years
before it vanishes to the dust heap of history.

This bothers many.

When they became DX'ers, there was no such thing (or very limited)  as remote ham station access.
Today, a vast majority of hams are prohibited from haven outside antennas (this bother me more than
I can put in words).  Without the ability to access a remote station, there will be no participation from these
radio operators. Also the FCC, in their infinite wisdom :):). removed the need for a station license, allowing
operation anywhere in the US. A ham should be free to operate any station in the US for any reason, with their
current call. Those that "propagation shop" will know they are doing it, and it will be on their conscious. It should
not bother anyone or any organization. As long as you are operating under the rules, who cares (and there are many
Dxers and Contesters that blatantly cheat, but there is no proposal to stop that).

Just because it has always been done that way is not an excuse.

If we all don't wake up and smell the coffee, and don't try to discourage newcomers (which is what this proposal
will do), the DX groups will all go away.

Barry Porter, KB1PA

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